TPAN 7-15-16 #4Tom Hunter, Senior Care Specialist, presented Chicago House’s new program targeted to older adults who are aging with HIV to the staff of TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network) on July 15, 2016. The program, called the 55+ Age-Friendly HIV Support Network, provides information, support, resources, and social connection to older HIV+ adults.

This population often experiences multiple health problems, normally associated with older age, at an earlier age than HIV-negative people. They may also experience loneliness, isolation, stigma, grief, and depression. Many of them have no support system of friends and family and no one to help them or take care of them as they get older, due to being rejected by and ostracized from friends, family, society, and often the youth-focused gay community.

The program is hoping to help older HIV+ adults connect with others like them, get the support they need, and live as healthy and happy a life as possible. The program will do this through a website providing articles, websites, videos, podcasts, and resources; a Facebook group page; regular emails to participants and to other agencies and providers; and therapeutic support groups. Stay updated on our progress with this program by following Chicago House on social media!