This week’s #StarStaffOfTheWeek honoree is Angelique Gwinn, our professional Book Keeping Associate who has worn a couple hats with the agency over the years. She’s also a passionate advocate in the fight against HIV/AIDS and just so happen to be a wonderful show host to the #LGBTQ nightlife community.

14433224_10154485998354870_1053148799474632097_nChicago House (CH): Tell us what it is that you do for Chicago House?

Angelique: I currently work as the Bookkeeping Associate in the Finance Department and still help out at the front desk whenever needed.

CH: Why is the work you do so important?

Angelique: I’ve been working in Finance now for 14 years and only a little over a year here at CH. I think working here at CH is important and I am very grateful for the opportunity because I feel good about our mission and I know we actually do help people, which makes me very happy. I absolutely love my job and working here at CH.

CH: What have you learned in all your years here at the agency?

Angelique: This October I will be here 4 years at CH and I think as I started here working the front desk, being the face of the agency for 3 years I witness firsthand the compassion with the hard work everyone does and just how much our clients appreciate it.

CH: Any special projects you working on?

Angelique: Well for the Agency I just held a fundraiser for the AIDS Run/Walk again this year which was October 1 at Soldier Field. If you mean in our Finance department, well we are always busy paying the bills, employee expenses and such so many different projects. I help out wherever needed, I’m a team player.

CH: What would you say to someone who wanted to do more for their community but don’t know how?

Angelique: Get involved, reach out to whichever organization that touches your heart. For me personally after my straight cousin Debbie was diagnosed in the late 80’s with AIDS. I found it was my mission to reach out to different HIV/AIDS organizations for the past 21 years and do my part to volunteer, educate, fundraise and most of all make a difference as we fight to stop AIDS!