Dear Friends of Chicago House,

Last week, the nation’s LGBTQ community experienced two separate attacks of blatant discrimination. First, the Trump administration announced a ban on allowing transgender individuals to serve in the U.S. military in any capacity. Second, Trump’s Justice Department filed an amicus brief in pending litigation arguing that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not cover employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Chicago House stands against any form of discrimination. We fully support and stand behind the trans men and women who so proudly serve our nation’s armed forces. We strongly condemn the Trump administration’s unilateral and illegal attempt to deny our LGBTQ brothers and sisters the equal rights that they deserve.

Transgender individuals are not a burden to society, but a gift. Trans people are people, and trans rights are human rights. The dedication and sacrifice shown by trans men and women in the military are an inspiration and a testament to what makes this country great. To be treated less than their cisgender counterparts is neither honorable or just, especially under such unfounded claims of financial burden.

Thanks to your love and support, Chicago House has overcome a number of challenges that have affected the most marginalized populations of Chicago since 1985. When people with AIDS began to live longer, the Case Management Program was created to offer service care plans to develop and assess multiple client needs, such as adherence to medications. Despite these and countless other advances within the community, 32 years later, as these two acts of discrimination have shown, we are still fighting an uphill battle. We have a lot of work to do.

Our mission remains the same, but we cannot stay true to it without your support. We relied on you when our clients faced major obstacles in obtaining and retaining meaningful jobs. You helped us introduce the Employment Program. We relied on you when the trans community of Chicago needed comprehensive programming and support. You helped us again to launch the TransLife Care Program. We are relying on you today, more than ever.

We love and honor all of our clients that we serve, all of the people that we work with every day, and the everyday LGBTQ member that strives to feel included in all parts of society. Please continue your ongoing efforts to stand behind Chicago House by donating any amount to support our programs today.

As we have stated before: We are here. We will continue to carry on. And, we will be heard.

In solidarity,

Scott W. Ammarell
Chief Executive Officer
Chicago House and Social Service Agency